22 March, 2023

Hello Paper Artists March 2023

This post is to show you the Before & After pics to give you some ideas on how to use these images from  Ephemera Stacked & Collages  M544.

 I took 6 of the images from Collection M544 & decided to play with them as only a paper crafter can. The video shows the images before & after they have been played with. All images are foam mounted.


1. Image on M544-2: Framed in black cardstock & foam mounted on ivory cardstock; highlights using a black sparkle nail polish on the paper, 2 clips & pin; white frame from frame packet; a twisted piece of old paper; vintage ephemera framed in black cardstock tucked into a corner.

2.  Image on M544-6: Double framed in cream & black cardstock & then foam mounted on black. 2 clock hands from a transparency are double foam mounted on the largest clock image; a clock charm is foam mounted on the top left corner image &, and just for fun a tiny flower is used to balance all.

3.  Images on M544-7: this was the first image that I did & used all 4 on this paper. '175' image matted on cardboard & then foam mounted on brown cardstock. Clear nail polish was painted on the bottom right black swirl to make it shine; a thin piece of black cardstock was glued to the left side of the brown image & a key charm glued on; the side of the folder ephemera was slit & a clip inserted with a hanger charm attached; ‘175’ was cut from the other sheet & foam mounted.

4.  Image on M544-7:  ‘Vintage; was cut from the other sheet & foam mounted on the vintage corner; the top corner has a small vellum piece with the hyde park corner ticket cut out from the other sheet & glued to the inside of the vellum & another ticket on the outside of the vellum.

5. Vanilla image on M544-7: This was my first one done.  The image is foam mounted on vanilla cardstock & then on black with the same vanilla behind it; 2 thin scraps of black card were added to the side & top of the middle papers to make it appear more papers in the stack. The top has a clip & a memo pin. There is also a scrap of vanilla card inserted above the clip. A stamp in the top corner cut from the other sheet was foam mounted; another ephemera was foam mounted & curled & distressed, a clip added; a curled old piece of paper was inserted behind this ephemera.

6. D&E images on M544-5: A piece of jute twine was tied from the back to each side of the front of the book image & purposely kept large & messy; the D & E images were cut from the other sheet & foam mounted on top of the image. All were foam mounted on black card & then attached to a sheet from an old dictionary with the word ‘embellishment’ at the top left corner.

I also used frames on all - took out the glass so that they looked like shadow boxes.

There are so many uses for these images - just think how you could use them.

 Bye for now



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28 February, 2023

 Hello Paper Artists - February 2023

 Welcome to my seriously NEW Vintage Art Product Line:

Stacked Ephemera & Collages M544

The latest Collection of Digital Papers M544 is totally new:

8 pages of serious Vintage Stacks & Collages. There are 4 on each 8.5x11” page - sizes vary a little but range approx.  4x5.5” - they can all be increased in size at printing  300dpi for high-quality printing, JPG format.

 Ideas on How to Use Them:

Front of a card, journal, mini book, mixed media.

Page in an art journal, centerpiece, or a fold-out  

Cut out pieces, halves, and quarters & use them elsewhere

Thread twine through & tie on the front

Use a paint canvas & build an art piece with/without  a background paper

Add a splash of color to continue with the project


When using on the front of a book, make sure that the theme, style & color tie in with the contents of the book since the cover makes a statement of what is inside the book.


All of the above ideas include foam mounts, paint, charms, and other ephemera, add an area within the piece to slice & add foam or part of a cotton ball to create texture & height.

Any of these ideas can easily be carried inside the art project to add to the art flow.


Link to video



Link to the Collection on my Etsy Shop:



Link to my finished projects:

In process 

 Let these papers inspire you to create fabulous vintage art.


Bye, for nowMeg 

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For some ideas on how to use ephemera in junk & art journals, please visit my YouTube Channel to see several videos of Junk/Art Journals & Mini Books 


29 January, 2023


Hello Paper Artists - January 23

Finished my new mini Book using the Vintage Collection M543

https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/1391709831 - Paper Collection 10 papers full of Cut & Create ephemera

Video at Youtube: https://youtu.be/-t0sbOUgQVg

Hope you enjoyed the video 

Bye for now



18 January, 2023

Vintage Ephemera - 10 full papers of vintage Cut & Creates

      Hello Paper Artists at January 2023,  Welcome to the New Year - 

are you ready for some serious Vintage Cut & Create Ephemera?

The latest Collection of Digital Papers M543 is just that - 

10 pages of serious Vintage Cut & Creates


10 papers 8.5x11”, 300dpi for high-quality printing, JPG format - just ephemera

The papers will assist Sherlock to solve his case

 & also to inspire Paper Artists to create Vintage Art - Junk Journals,

 Mini Books, Scrapbooking & more Papercrafting.

If you love making Junk Journals or Vintage Art, then these images are ideal & a must to add to your stash. Many shades, colors, sizes, styles & accents. The ephemera can be stacked; large ephemera can be cut to create strips, or any shape needed.

Link to Video of papers: https://youtu.be/QRuGlMZVstw

Link to the Collection on my Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/1391709831

Link to my finished mini book:  In process 


Let these papers inspire you to create fabulous vintage art.

Bye for now,