03 September, 2022

Hello Paper Artists - update September 2022

Welcome to my finished mini-book - Sherlock & Dr. Watson -

fabulously vintage & exciting!

12 papers 8.5x11”, 300dpi for quality printing, JPG format:

6 Cut & Create Ephemera, 4 Backgrounds, and 2 extras - 1 with 4 Cut & Creates is in PNG format and 1 is totally Sherlock images (others are not).

Being in PNG format means that there is no background - you can print the paper on any type of paper & you only get the ephemera image itself - beige, white,   or any color cardstock, vellum (transparency paper) is very elegant, transparency film or even a background paper with script, etc.  The vellum signature shows 2 of the 4 Cut & Creates that have PNG format printed on T-dyed vellum

The video shows the finished book


M539 - https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/1285862003

Link to papers review video: https://youtu.be/5tNB40jfpMA

You can choose to help  Sherlock & Dr. Watson solve the case using the specific Sherlock paper 

or just have lots of fun with the Vintage papers.

And a coupon for you to try them out:


Bye for now



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