01 March, 2022

 Meg’s Mini Books

By Definition:  A book is a medium for recording information in the form of writing or images, typically composed of many pages bound together and protected by a cover. The intellectual content in a physical book need not be a composition, nor even be called a book. Books can consist only of drawings, engravings or photographs, crossword puzzles, or ‘cut & create ephemera’. 

 By Definition: Mini denoting a miniature version of something

 Combine these 2: Meg’s Mini-Books are, therefore, made 6” high or less ie. 1/2 of a sheet of cardstock. They are much easier to make than large journals & also more economical. On top of that, they are lots of fun & very forgiving.

 A new type of paper Collection has been designed especially for these mini books:

  - A pack of 10 papers 8.5x11” (high-quality 300dpi, JPG format) containing:

 4 background papers & 6 papers full of cut & creates in the same tones of the background papers. The cut & creates have been sized to fit the mini- books.

 The first 2 of these collections are:

 1.Periwinkle - Pantone’s color of the year 2022 - a fabulous color between purple & blue. #M530

 Etsy listing:

2.Vintage - a favorite collection of shades of browns, beiges & blacks. #M531

Etsy Listing

The mini books can also use up those smaller pieces of cardstock, patterned papers & tea dyed papers.


Cover:  12” x 6”

For a 1” spine - score 5.5” from each side

For a 1.5” spine - score  5.25” from each side

Signatures: 12” x 5.5”  each will have a 0.5” spine

Score 5”, 5.5”, 10.5” - leaves 1” to either cut off or fold in for tucks

Smaller signature:

7.5” x 3.75” with 0.25” scores in the center  

 Smaller Mini Books:   8.5” x 4.5” with 0.5” spine

       7.75” x 3.75”

All measurements are Widths x heights (except spines)

Have fun with these Mini Books - use different textures, colors & cardstocks