17 February, 2021

 Hello Paper Artists

There is a new vintage collection for you to make journals or just play with the Cut & Creates.

Cappuccino Colors

The papers use the colors of a cappuccino - simply take its elements & colors into the world of paper arts. The 9 backgrounds are 10" wide x 7" high (fold or cut in half to create pages 5"x7") & are in coffee, frothy cream & chocolate colors for the paper crafter's signature. The 7 8.3x11" Cut & Creates are your signature as the 'barista' of this Collection - take them in your own direction. There are also 2 papers 10"x7" that can be used as covers for journals or as artistic Centerpieces.
The 18 papers in total are high-quality 300dpi, jpg format.
Remember that a Cappuccino is distinctly layered.

Preview of Papers

Using this Collection I have made a video showing you how I made it:

How I made the Journal

Before cutting anything, think about how you want the book to flow. Will, it just be a fun book to add Cut & Creates or will it have flaps, pockets, & envelopes, etc., or maybe a fancy centerpiece? Not everything can always be decided upfront because books tend to change as they evolve &, also as you change your creative mind. You also have to remember that you are going to decorate & use embellishments so the book needs to close - this leads to decisions on the widths of the spines.

There are also lots of hints on using Cut & Creates along with using &

 choosing the sizes of spines

If you love making Junk Journals or Vintage Art, then these images are ideal & a must to add to your stash. The designs will inspire you to create in new & different directions & add more ideas to your styles

For more ideas on using ephemera in junk journals, please visit my YouTube Channel
to see several videos of Junk Journals:

To purchase papers:
Full Collection: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/936550108

Cut & Creates: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/942900176

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