02 January, 2021

 Hello Paper Artists

A 'unique' Christmas Card to finish my posts for this Collection

Materials used:

Christmas in Burgundy & Cream  papers -  A4's & Cut & Creates

Cream Cardstock, Burgundy double-sided satin ribbon 5mm wide

Word Art from blog freebie

Front of card
Back of card

The Inside of the card is where it gets 'unique'.

There are 2 pieces of cream cardstock for the front & back - these are 4" x 6" with a seam in the centre 0.25". You could use 1 piece 8.25" x 6" & create 2 folds/scores either side of the 0.25" centre

The inside is 1 piece of cream cardstock 12" x 5" with scores at 3",6" & 9" -  fold at the scores with a valley, a peak & then a valley.

For the insides of the cover -  2 pieces of patterned paper 4" x 6" - these are backgrounds to the centrepiece 

For the centrepiece of the card  - 4 pieces of patterned paper 2.75" x 4.5"

Then assemble & embellish.

From above the card 

You can see how the pieces are put together. The centrepiece is centred on the back of the covers - before attaching run ribbon behind it - this will tie in a bow to close the card.

Embellishments I used:

Burgundy Music A4 paper - the music on the paper is 'Santa Baby' - front cover & 2 pieces of the centrepiece

The top portion of cream music A4 paper - same music theme - 2 pieces of the centrepiece

The top portion of cream  A4 paper with Cream branch & poinsettia on the bottom - 2 pieces of the centrepiece

Cut & Creates, rolled piece of music paper, die-cut on burgundy

If you need any help - please email me at megsgarden@outlook.com

Bye for now