02 May, 2020

Oval Elegance

Oh to have a waist so small! The stunning new A Lady's Diary collection from Meg's Garden is inspirational.

The aqua in the dress toned in beautifully with the blue shades throughout this collection, which I used as my background.

I layered matt silver cardstock and an oval lacy die cut to feature the evening dress image. 

Add to this, a silver flower, diamonte bling, aqua ribbon on opposite corners, finished with a flourish of aqua paper flowers.

The image of the three ladies in their satin and lace day dresses was the inspiration for the lilac oval card.

Cotton lace edging highlighted the oval die cut. The cardstock was stamped with a muted damask design and purple velvet ribbon formed a border on two sides. 

The oval card was then mounted on lilac backing paper and finished with wisteria coloured paper flowers.


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