26 May, 2020


So many dresses, so many places for a Lady to go!

The perfectly poised lady fitted beautifully into an oval chipboard frame, which has been painted antique gold. 
Two more ovals of increased proportionate size complemented the frame.

 Background paper from A Lady's Diary collection was laid down first. Then the complimenting ovals, followed by the lady in the oval. 

The card was finished off with delicate lace edging, two ribbons of various widths, finally cream paper flowers and a sentiment.

Advertising images from A Lady's Diary collection overlayed onto the base of the card formed the background for this unusual card. Six images in total were used, edges inked in sepia. 

Over these images was a fine layer of distressed muslin and topped with vellum, giving a muted whimsical look.

For drama, three beautiful filigree metal charms adhered to the vellum, a narrow gilt chain linked the charms together, and delicate apricot coloured paper flowers finished the look.

Papers, cut and create images, ribbons and laces, plus the beautiful filigree charms available from Meg's Garden today.