30 January, 2020

Megs Garden pretties

Here I have used some papers from the French Garden papers
With a chipboard frame
 I painted the frame with some distressing inks
some stickles and mini roses

 loved thes pretty blue paper along with a cut and create butterfly
Thanks for taking a wander through the garden for 
all your pretties
Cheers Trish

27 January, 2020

Who doesnt love pretty violas and pansies,my lady is enjoying her walk amongst them,from Megs Garden of course

Walking in Megs Garden
I love these  Velvet flowers,and the gorgeous papers
a card for any event

closeup  of flowers and papers 

Don't forget to checkout Megs Garden for more pretties
cheers Trish

21 January, 2020

Paper bag storage pocket

Hello everyone & welcome to my first post for 2020.

Today I would like to share with you an altered paper bag.
I have decorated my project using the very latest patterned papers from Meg's Garden. These gorgeous papers are called the Pink & Green paper collection. They are available to purchase in a hard copy format or digital format from Meg's Garden online store. 

My paper bag measures approximately 20 cm in length (not including the handles).

I removed the handle section at the top of the bag, this will create a small pocket on top & the large gusset section.
Next trim patterned paper to fit the top pocket & the gusset section. I have inked my papers using a distress ink from Ranger called Old Paper.

I have added lace, a flower, cheesecloth & ephemera to my top pocket.  I then punched a hole into the gusset section and added some cord as a closure. The large gusset is now ready to store photo's, memorabilia or both.

Before adhering my storage pocket to my book page, I added some ephemera pieces & a paper doily to the page. The pocket was then glued in place. I added some touches of gesso & glitter glue to my paper & ephemera pieces. The gesso adds a softness & the glitter adds a touch of glam creating a very feminine page.

I have created a double sided tag. One side to write on & the other has a pretty piece of ephemera. This tag sits in the top pocket.

This page is now ready to be inserted into my book that I am currently creating with these new patterned papers.
Please stop by Meg's Garden store for all of the latest patterned paper collections & so much more.

Until next time.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
I hope you have a wonderful day & happy creating.

18 January, 2020

Junk Journal 'Explore' on Video with its History

Hello Bloggers

My 'Explore' Junk Journal is finally finished & posted to Youtube 

The video shows:

  • the original signatures
  • the new binding system to make them work
  • the final finished version of my 'Explore' Journal with pics. I love the new Junk Journal. It is different & interesting and the different paper sizes & colours are intriguing.

Dimensions: Covers: 12.5x16cm or 5x6.25" Spines: 5x16cm or 1.75x6.25: Ivory signature: Ivory cardstock: 15x30cm or 6x12" with 1st fold at 5.5cm or 2.5" First score 1.5cm wide or 0.5" Ivory insert 10.5x29cm or 4.5x11.5" with 2nd score 1cm or 3/8" Kraft signature: same dimensions Products used: Ivory, kraft & black cardstock, tea dyed vellum, corrugated paper Hardware metals, vintage trinkets Jute twine, coffee mesh ribbon Papers: vintage junk journal with cut & creates #29200 at megsgarden either printed or as digital downloads

There were 3 phases to do this little junk journal/art journal/mini album:

1. the signatures were made but not assembled & then put aside for quite a while when other projects, products & a 'to do' list became higher priorities.

2. the signatures were finally picked up, looked at & tried to figure out how it was supposed to work - I had forgotten or never thought about it

3. the original signatures did not work so they had to be made to work!

4. a new binding system was organised which allows the little book to sit flat. The video shows you how - so easy & effective

The front cover is embellished with an Art Tag, cut & creates & hardware metals

The back cover, outside spine & front cover - all sitting flat

Inside the front cover showing its embellishments, part of the interior spine, & the first signature
Hope you enjoyed seeing my latest Junk Journal. There are lots of new ideas here that can be used in the New Papers just published called 'A Vintage Writing Journal' - printed or digital.

These papers are cut & ready to create on my desk - will post when complete

Bye for now

15 January, 2020

New Papers & Products

Hello Paper Artists

News Updates: For a Wonderful & Creative New Year & Decade

There are 2 new paper collections:

A Beautiful Shabby Chic Collection of papers Called  ‘Pink & Green’
Why Pink & Green? – because they are irresistible together!  Think of a pale pink rosebud just slightly open with shiny green leaves & a beautiful fragrance. 
Let your creativity enjoy these papers & create beautiful art. The papers call for laces, ribbons, flowers & excitement
The A4 Papers Collection includes:
12 A4  - 8.3x11"  210x279cm
1 A4 paper with black & white French typography
1 A4 paper with pink & green tags - each tag 6x10cm
6 A4 papers with Cut & Create Ephemera at coordinate with all
The Cut & Create Papers – 6 A4
1 A4 paper with black & white French typography
1 A4 paper with pink & green tags - each tag 6x10cm
The Art Journal/Junk Journal/Mini Album includes:
6 double pages 5x7"  12.7x1.7cm - cut them apart or fold
1 A4 paper with black & white French typography
1 A4 paper with pink & green tags - each tag 6x10cm
6 A4 papers with Cut & Create Ephemera at coordinate with all
2 pages of Pink & Green Journal – also fab for cardmaking

A Vintage Writing Journal/Junk Journal/Mini Album
  • 6 A4 papers each with 2 double pages 5x7", 12.8x17.8cm
  • 6 A4 papers with Cut & Create Ephemera images
  • 2 papers each with background images useable a flip printing or extra pages
  • 2 papers with pages size reduced to 75% for insert sections
  • 2 double-lined pages

2 pages of A Vintage Writing Journal/Junk Journal
The papers have been designed to allow freedom in your creativity. The pages of the Journal are outlined in black & can be cut apart or folded - perfect for adding chocolate brown or black cardstock & are also perfect for adding tea dyed papers & envelopes. You could also use a paper to add more lined paper.
The 6 Cut & Create papers are also available without the Journal papers

All of the above are available either printed or as digital downloads

Castings – Hardware Metals from Mitform in Poland.
Just received & published on the website are fabulous metal castings.  The detail on them is fantastic & they are absolutely perfect for Vintage Art, Junk Journals & more. The castings include padlocks, keys, corners & more. There are no moving parts

Some of the latest Castings in Hardware Metals   https://megsgarden.com/collections/hardware-metals

A great start to a new Year & decade

Bye for now

10 January, 2020

Chapter Three: Loss

From Letters, to Love.. and now to Loss.
The storytelling that evolved through using Meg's Garden Cut & Create images while creating my journal, concludes in this final chapter.

The third and final section in my junk journal starts on a sombre tone. Dark colours feature heavily, and a Vintage Journal Card image that evokes sadness to the viewer.  

Meg's Garden Junk Journal papers again form the cover pages of the chapter, perfect for making your own journals or mini albums.  

The section opens with an interactive element to begin the story.

She is sad and downcast, and the single word "thinking" leaves you with a sense of what is to come.

Opening the right reveals wedding rings. 

The left, a message, if he shouldn't make it home.

Another pocket, embellished with a spilled envelope of postage stamps. She has tried to reach her soldier without success. Inside the pocket holds her card to him, dated so long ago.

The individual sections throughout are textured - crumpled vellum, ripped and torn paper, to convey anger and sadness, as well as time and being worn from handling. 

A rose patterned paper from a previous Meg's Garden collection was the perfect piece to use with the sentiment, which I made pop out as the card is opened. Both the envelope and card are embellished using Cut & Create imagery, die cuts and lace.

He kept her photo close, as well as a stamped message - wish you were here. 
Inside his jacket, a pocket with the rings - he was to propose when returning from the front.

Pockets feature heavily in this section, holding the personal effects of her soldier. 

Using more masculine Cut & Create images, I selected items he would have on him and his clothing, matches and a letter from her, all returned to his pen pal, the only address he had.

A torn envelope holds the official documents and paperwork sent to her. Removable from the envelope, however she keeps them tucked inside. 

Each piece, including the envelope, is heavily distressed and inked. Bundling together the imagery with twine for texture, also gives the suggestion of formality and finality.

The reverse of the envelope is a rose, this time from my garden, I pressed and framed for the journal. 
My rose is now her rose, given to her from him during their time in Paris. 
She now keeps it close.

Words are minimal in this section, letting the Cut & Create imagery speak. However, here I embellished with a simple word - love. An old charm.

The distressed vellum and doily add to the layers and to the sence of loss. 

The final pocket holds Cut & Create tags - his war tags, embellished and strung together on a chain with his key.

The metal embellishments complement the masculine Vintage Journal Card, which I have used as his service photo and documentation.     

The back cover is a simple sentiment, one that sums up the journal and the journey within, decorated with a beautiful bloom of colour and joy.

It is amazing the stories that can grow from a sheet of paper. 


07 January, 2020

Chapter Two: Love

Chapter one ended with a passport and tickets. 
Chapter two begins with new love, adventures, excitement, and happiness - our girl is in France!

The story continues..

I used a toned-down pinks and browns colour scheme for the middle segment in the journal, for a more mature and romantic feel. The covers of the section are from Meg's Junk Journal collections and Cut & Create elements are used throughout to tell the story. 

Arriving in Paris, she receives a letter. 
She doesn't need to wonder who it may be from! Inside, two tickets, a photo, and a letter - 
'meet me at the dance tonight, don't be late!'

The envelope and inclusions are another interactive elements, which the Cut & Create images are perfect for.

Upon meeting, they discover their mutual love for dancing and music. They dance through their time together, all over Paris. 
He buys her beautiful Parisian gowns and she learns to sing.

Meg's Cut & Create imagery sings this song so well and paints the picture perfectly.

She keeps all memorabilia and many gifts. He takes photos of her, as many as he can. Time is precious.

Junk Journals are a perfect way to experiment with different paper mediums. Handmade paper, doilies, embossed vellum and stunning papers from Meg's Garden all coordinate and compliment, making for not only a visual delight - but also textural.

I created pockets using different mediums and hand-sewn elements. Each pocket contains a trinket or keepsake. Here, a decorated Art Tag peeks out, embellished with stamps, ribbons and charms and more Cut & Create images. Metal charms give extra texture, plus add to the vintage feel.

A pop-out sentiment features in between the middle pages. Not only is it the fitting sentiment for our lovers, but it continues their story. Meg's theme from a previous collection inspired me to include dance as part of the story.

I couldn't resist using one of my absolute favourite embellishments, vellum pockets, throughout the journal. Inside I have tucked away pieces he has collected, photos and gifts from her, their time together. I used a masculine Vintage Journal Card to give the feeling that we are looking in his pockets or suitcase. His belongings.

Meg's beautiful watercolour tones set the feeling perfectly - contentment and happiness. What could possibly stop this whirlwind love?

I reintroduced darker colours and embellishments at the end of the chapter.  
Gone is the colour from their lives and reality has come in the form of a letter - he has to return to the battle at the front, immediately.

He leaves her with a orchid, to watch bloom and think of him.

Inspired by the Cut & Create images, in particular the fob watch and sentiment, I used this to convey time. 

His single orchid has over grown in the garden. He still isn't back yet. 
How long has it been?

Video of Journal:  


04 January, 2020

Chapter One: Letters

I am sharing with you a project that completely overtook my imagination. 

Upon receiving Meg's new Junk Journal collections, I started with no clear plan or idea in mind, just to enjoy creating with these wonderful papers and embellishments.

It wasn't too long however, that the stunning imagery in the Cut & Create pages started telling me a story, thus taking me on an entirely different direction for this project.

And the end result is something I am incredibly proud of and will treasure.

The diary of a young lady. Decorated with metal trinkets, a wooden frame and ribbons. 
Beautifully vintage. 

She, an avid writer of letters and poetry. Sharing her musings from Australia with a pen friend who happens to be a Frenchman. 
He, a young man and equally talented with his penmanship. Enjoying his last days of freedom before rejoining the battle at the front.

I created three sections within, each hand-sewn onto the leather cover. 
The sections are a mixture of textures, colours and functionality - on almost every page is an interactive element, inked to add age and show it is lovingly worn - all adding to the story.

This is Chapter One: Letters

The beauty, and the detail of Meg's papers helped me piece together my story. Taking the one dimensional imagery of a stack of old papers and making it three dimensional - adding a real paper clamp with lined and written papers from Meg's previous collections. The beginnings of my young lady's writing compendium. 

She keeps everything, and notes everything. 
Her first letter, including a lock of her hair, and his reply.

The first section is in bright colours - a happy time, excitement and joy - just what possibilities could this pen-friendship bring? And who is this man, simply known as "R"?

I gave my young writer her magic wand by winding ribbon around an old pencil and embellishing with feathers. Using the ever versatile Art Tags, I created a lace loop to secure the pencil, so she is never without, and can easily be removed to write her next letter. 

Art Tags feature heavily throughout the chapters, decorated to pull out or sewn in to form one of the many layers in the sections.

Smitten, my young lady is keeping all of her correspondence and the little extras she is starting to receive from France. What does the white rose symbolise, she wonders.. And was that a mention of meeting in France written in this letter?

Using an envelope as one of my layers, I kept its true function by enclosing one of the handwritten letters from a Cut & Create sheet, which pulls out when opening the envelope flap. 

Over the months, she starts sending him more photos of herself, and encloses small pieces she has made for him.

I took inspiration from the many divine Vintage Journal Cards as my lady's photos throughout the chapters, and for this page I have made them into pockets. Tucked in behind I have used another Art Tag, embossed and embellished.

In this chapter, the sections include Meg's papers along with a variety of embellished mediums - doilies, vellum, Art Tags  - all complimenting and all available from Meg's Garden. One of my favourites is definitely the small vellum envelopes. Here I have enclosed more Cut & Create pieces into the envelope. Tokens and trinkets from France.

Another rose - sent with love! 
The rose slides in perfectly behind the Cut & Create piece, creating another interactive element. 
It looks like he sent her a bottle of beautiful French perfume along with the rose..

As I gave her a pencil, I couldn't resist giving her a notebook too. 
It is kept safe inside the pocket, ready to pull out for all her stories and poems, and letters of course..

Made from two Vintage Journal Cards folded in half, I hand sewed in the lined paper and also decorated the inside covers. 

The last page of the first section.. What is that tag hiding?

 I have clustered together many coordinating pieces, from Art Tags to Cut & Create images, embellishments and finished with hessian ribbon. 

The closing page of this chapter again was inspired from the Cut & Create imagery, with so many French pieces it can only mean one thing.. 

But first, let us swing the Bon Voyage tag aside.

And open the book to reveal, our girl is off to France! 
Complete with a Cut & Create passport and documents, swing tag and stamps. 

The pop out letter says it all. Bon Voyage, Mademoiselle!

Julia's Video:  

Until next chapter,