19 August, 2019

Hello Paper Artists
We are committed to continuing our creative year with some new Vintage Papers 

1.  New Junk Journal
with Corrugated Card Cover

Both Digital & Printed Papers Available at:https://megsgarden.com/collections/junk-journals

Video of a Finished Journal (shown above):  https://youtu.be/B7HYbSHlIWk

As well as this journal there is also :
2. A new set of Cut & Creates Ephemera in vintage style
(only 3 are shown here- video shows all)

9 papers 8.3x11", 300dpi, jpg format - 8 with ephemera &
 1 with vintage lined papers
  • Vintage in style so they can be used with any of the vintage style art projects including the above book
  • Designed for Junk Journals but ideal for any project looking for that perfect vintage addition
  • There are several larger images that can be cut for tuck spots or as pages in a journal
  • There are several images that can be cut into washi tape - especially the left side on the bottom paper.
  • Add words to the tags to define your project
Video of  New Vintage papers: https://youtu.be/F74N2boUy3M

What a way to continue a magical year of inspiration!       

Bye for now 
Meg Foreman – Mgr Director Meg’s Garden