06 March, 2019

New Product Line

Hello Paper Artists
We are committed to continuing our creative year with some new ideas

I sat down after doing the last newsletter & decided that it was time to
Think Outside the Box. 

We needed something different & not just another Collection of papers.

The BOX has great papers - digital & printed;

styles in shabby chic, grunge, backgrounds & more and in
2 different sizes.

The BOX has embellishments - all the laces, ties & ribbons possible;
flowers in paper & fabric in many colours, sizes & shapes
vintage trinkets, handles, knobs, flowers, keys & cogs,
Cut & Create Images for any kind of project.

What we did not have was:


The video shows the New ART Tags,
 as well as the new selection of Vintage Journal Cards - Mixed Colours & Styles
Both come with a paper of Word Tickets & are either printed or digital

The Art Tags are background papers 2.75x6" - 24 tags total -
ready for you to add your special touches
You can layer, embellish, add ties, use mixed media -
there are no rules - ART TAGS have no limits

Once finished:
add a sentiment on the back in a small envelope or on the front
add the tag to the front of a card
add a gusset to a blank card & use the tag inside the card
use on the front of a journal
add to an easel for display or add a strut to the back
make a 3 part card with the tag as the focus in the middle
make a special envelope that will fit

Please email me with more uses!

The new Vintage Journal Cards have some more modern images & styles -
not as many vintage ladies & bouquets of flowers. Hope you like them!

Available at: 
What a way to continue a magical year of inspiration!       

Bye for now 

Meg Foreman – Mgr Director Meg’s Garden


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