17 August, 2018

Vintage Journal Cards

Hello Mary here to share with you what I created with the New Vintage Journal cards that Meg has in the store. This time I decided  to create a Post Card with the Vintage Journal Card image

Meg has the lined paper in the store and I have cut to a post card size and added the vintage Journal card image to one side of the card and have the lined PP to the opposite side to write the name and address details

This lined paper would also be great for journals

To the back I have the lined PP to write your letter and the image from the cut and create sheet as  a decorative stamp .
Now I can write my Pen Pal a letter pop it in a envelope and she has a personalized post card . Simple, effective and unique.
I am sure you can think of other creative ways to use the Vintage Journal cards in your creative process.
Happy Creating
Mary x