28 March, 2018

Shades of Green Collection

Hello Bloggers

This Paper Collection started out as being a Watercolour one but as you can see it changed.

Reasons for using Green as a colour in April:

  • St. Patrick's Day - my paternal Grandfather was born in Dublin on St Patrick's Day
  • in the Southern hemisphere, we are starting to see the leaves fall and/or change in colour & have to memorize how beautiful the trees are through an Autumn & Winter Season
  • we are also thankful for the trees which keep their leaves
  • the grass stays green but does not grow - a time for the lawnmower men to relax a bit
  • but the lawnmower men now have to rake & get rid of the leaves
  • in the Northern hemisphere, the trees have hints of the buds of the green leaves to come; the crocus are up, other bulbs will follow & the forsythia blooms are almost here & there are signs of Spring & other hints of the rejuvenation
  • the main reason is that it is such a beautiful & vibrant colour with so many shades

The green colour is one of the most pervasive in the natural world. This colour can take a huge variety of shades, and whenever you paint landscapes, florals or living creatures, it’s crucial and challenging to choose the right ones for the situation.

Green is a secondary colour that is easy to obtain by mixing two primary colours: yellow and blue. In fact, “yellow” in this equation can vary, and range from Cadmium Lemon to Burnt Umber.

The Collection is available either printed or as a digital download:  

A4 with or without the Cut & Creates, Mini Book/Journal, Card Artist Packs as well as Cut & Create Ephemera

The 12 Shades of Green Paper Collection

The 6 Shades of Green Cut & Creates

Some ideas for colours that work with green:


Hope you will enjoy working with the many shades of green - it is the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy & is associated with the meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. 

Bye for now

PS. Remember Mother's Day is just around the corner


  1. A beautiful range of papers,I am not usually a green person but this range is so soft and delicate,I am loving green!.

  2. A beautiful collection, I am enjoying creating with it

  3. Love your descriptions of 'green' Meg, beautiful

  4. This is such a gorgeous collection of patterned papers with colours & images that are just divine.