28 January, 2017

Gift box by Meredith Hilly

Hello everyone. My project is a gift box. I enjoyed using megs papers with lime and blue  cardstock . These colours complimented the papers beautifully.

I used a feather from one of my Guinea Fowls. The black and white was perfect. I glued the quill on the paper with the feather next to the writing on it.

The vintage beauties strips from megs garden are perfect  addition for a touch of class. I framed them on black cardstock to match the tartan ribbon.

When you lift the lid of the box , it opens with four small trays  ready for you to put things in. Small presents , chocolates etc.

Thanks for having a look at my gift box. And I hope you find some ideas to help you create.

Megs Garden

My Stash
Lime cardstock
White lace paper