12 July, 2016

Watercolour in Blues mini folded book by Meredith Hilly.

Hello everyone. The project I am showing you today is a mini folded book.
Using a 12x12 page I then gluing another 12x12 onto the back. The 12x12 papers are from the Watercolour in Blues Collection. I then folded this into three even folds one way and then three even folds the other. Each small square is decorated and when folded back up makes a mini book.
This is the front.

This is the back.

This is the first three small squares you see when you unfold it.

This is the next three squares.

This is the mini book totally open.

This is the back totally open. Notice where the front and back cover small squares are. You will need to copy the same placement so you mini book will fold down correctly.

Thank you for popping in and having a look at my mini folded book.
Have a go yourself and find how easy it is to make using all the beautiful papers from Megs garden.

Megs Garden