03 November, 2014

A Simple Correspondence Book - a visit to Vintage Paris

Hello Bloggers

This is a really simple mini book; it has no fancy hinged binding, no fancy 3 way flaps or anything else that is complicated - it is EASY!!!

The cover

I used the Correspondence Mini Pack - the papers are 145mm square so they work really well with the 6" cream cardstock pages.  The cover was cream 6x6" cardstock with a piece of black cardstock with 2 pieces of the collection which were distressed & torn.  Vintage photo distress ink was used throughout the mini book.  A vintage trinket knob completed the cover

Inside front cover & facing page
 The inside cover used the back of the cover as its page; a torn piece down the centre & pieces from Vintage Parisian Postcards #3376 added.  The facing page was some vintage writing with a trinket/. This facing page is actually the back of the next page.

Inside page 1 & facing page
 Page 1 was 11" wide & folded at 5" to create an additional page - a pocket with tags - Vintage Parisian Postcards were used on both pages

Page 3 & facing:  pockets were created, the pages were distressed & torn & tags inserted & more vintage trinkets.  Love the way the trinkets add texture & interest but do not stand out.

Page 4 is a double page
 Page 4 is made by adding an extra piece 5 1/4" to each side so that it opens up on each side. This pic shows the 2 flaps closed

Open flap 1 to see the inside
 I did use some  of the ephemera from Correspondence Collection - cut & create P6406 & from The French Cinema#1038

Inside flap 2
More postcards, a tiny key chain with a tag & another pocket 
page 4 & inside back cover
 Another pocket with tags; a vintage lady mounted on foam with a secret roll of writing tied with a bow - love these little packets & of course, another trinket.  I think the trinkets were just into the store when I made this book - hence my use of them throughout.

back cover with a postcard & trinket

Each of the pages was glued to the previous age or used the back of the previous page as its page.  The pages were completed & the ribbon attached before adding the front & back covers. 

This style of mini book could be used for any occasion. Instead of featuring Vintage French Postcards & ephemera you could use photos, instagrams, a holiday, a birthday or anniversary party - make sure you collect all the tickets, invites & all the fun 'stuff' so that when you go to make your book that you can add all of these little personal touches.

Bye for now 


  1. You may say this is a simple little Mini Book Meg, but it is absolutely gorgeous!! Love all the ephemera and the trinkets add a lot of interest! It looks fantastic in the photos but I know it is even better in real life ... love it!! ox

  2. This book looks like a vintage treasure in and of itself...I don't know that I would even add anything to it. Thanks for this posting. It's interesting to see how different artists interpret a theme.

  3. HI Meg , I agree it may be simple but also stunning still has beautiful work a stunning mini book