29 August, 2014

Printable Book Kits

New Product Line

We have been so very busy & very secretive in designing our new product line.
Mini Books are a favourite with both Kerry-Jean & me & after a few meetings we have our first mini book in a KIT. We have called it:

'The Sherlock Book Kit by Watson'

The kit is really unique & has been designed by Kerry-Jean Watson to have no defined theme.   You can use it as an art journal, add mixed media to it;  perfect for vintage & heritage albums; it could be a treasure book, a recipe book, travel book or simply a gift for a favourite person  - YOUR CHOICE.   The papers are beautifully distressed & the edges torn.

Kit contents:

10 double pages
4 ephemera pages
2 tag pages
Front & back cover
Front & back cover liners

The book kit is:

  • available as a printable download - you purchase the files, download them & print the pages out on  your printer or take the page files to a commercial printer or an Officeworks type shop.  You can print the files several times & make the book into several styles.

  • purchase the pages already printed, cut them out & put the book together

  • there is a YouTube video showing how to print the kit (easy, easy) & also ideas on putting it together

  • the Design Team will be showing you many ways to put the book together on the blog

This  is the first of our book kits.  We are very excited about this new product line & know you will have lots of fun & enjoy putting your own stamp on the kit.

link to the kits:  http://megsgarden.com/contents/en-us/d706_The_Sherlock_Book_Kit_Designed_by_Watson.html

YouTube link:  http://youtu.be/lzqu-LOFlrU

We would love to see what you have done & will be showcasing your projects on the Blog.

Our 2nd kit is already on the drawing board

Bye for now
Meg & Kerry-Jean

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