13 December, 2013

Christmas Star Album by Jen

Hello Bloggers

'Hi everyone, Jen here with my first Christmas project. I have wanted to make a star album for a long time and when I got my Christmas DT pack I knew that the mini Christmas pad would be perfect for it. I have a tutorial on my blog with instructions on how to make the album, it's a lot easier than it looks. 

You can find my blog here:

I hope you like my Christmas star album, why not try and make one yourself? See you next time, Jen;' 

This is so Christmassy - well done Jen.  So many ideas here to use for cards, a small album, a card with many pages & more ...  Use the tutorial on Jen's blog to make a star album for another purpose - Birthday, anniversary party pics etc.

Bye for now


  1. This is gorgeous Jennifer!! Love how you decorated this album, it is so pretty and perfect as a gift at any time of year. Absolutely fabulous!! ox

  2. I love star albums and this one is full of gorgeous ideas...what a lovely idea to complete with photos of Christmas Day and use to decorate the tree next year....fabulous :)

  3. wow what a lovely star album, love all the pages, fabulous :)

  4. Jen beautiful job on the star album! I made one of these a few years back, I just love them!

  5. Beautiful. I remember starting one a few years ago and not finishing it! Will pop over to your blog for the tutorial