11 September, 2013

Tiny Tiny Books & Microscope Slide Art Papers

Hello Bloggers

New to the range of papers is a collection of  microscope slide art papers.
You can choose whatever style strikes your fancy

1060 Chinese Art

1082 Vintage

1083 Geishas

1084 Peonies

1085 Art Nouveau

1087 Santas - also available in transparency #1087

The papers do not have to be used with the slide mailers - make a fantastic hanging for a window, a Christmas ornament, an addition to the front of a card or an accessory to a LO - take your choice from these or more ....

The slide mailers are available in single, double or quad as well as a pack containing 2 of each.  Slide are also available. (the slide mailers are used to mail the slides for pathology or research)

Please have a look on this blog at a project done by Gayle - fabulous ideas & awesome creativity - do a search for 'Microscope Slide Mailer' 

Bye for now


  1. Now these look very interesting ..... gorgeous papers!

  2. I got those fabulous Santas, not sure what to create with them yet.