19 December, 2012

Web site is down


I have just had the most distressing 6 days - web site down & it is still continuing.
My hosting server transferred my websites to a new 'beta site' & problems started

First I could not update my files because there was a problem in the transfer; they fixed that & 'forgot' to tell me I had new update data - guess what, it did not work!

I set up another hosting platform but the original hosting site will not allow the pointers to update - so this is not an option.

I requested a hosting transfer which 'should happen' on 22nd December

The current hosting support (24/7) does not answer their phones

So I am stuck

If you know what you want to purchase, call me at 08 8388 1282. Christmas sales are now 50%

Bye for now

no website due to www.mydomain.com


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your hosting issue,hopefully its gets fixed real soon!

  2. was just able to get connected to Megs garden so hopefully its working better than what it was a couple of days ago
    fingers crossed