28 December, 2012



What a gruesome 2 weeks - never ever have a computer problem at Christmas time but thanks to those who listened to my english explanation of the problem & translated it into techie.  Designs Galore is still down but that will be worked on over the weekend

Thanks also to Telstra lady who restored my internet speed - I used up my monthly allowance in 3 days trying to upload all my goodies - the internet went back to 256k - yikes that is slow

Had to go to plan C to finally get it fixed & nobody knows what was wrong - amazing. Plans A&B failed.

But to celebrate being back we are having a 'YIPPEE SALE' on Christmas goods - 50% off until all current stock is sold

My blogging posts are backed up & I promise I will get those done ASAP

Bye for now

back with www.megsgarden.com - I am a very happy camper!!