21 October, 2012

Vintage Christmas Tags


Adriana has done 2 exquisite tags to inspire you.

'I created two vintage tags with the new papers “A Musical Christmas”.

Decorated some crepe paper at the end of the tags and applied Glass Glitter to the end with

Glue. Glass glitter is much thicker than other glitters so it add textures to any project.'

Silver Vintage Tag

Gold Vintage Tag

Vintage Christmas Silver tag
Meg's Garden materials:
Musical Christmas paper
Candy stripe Ribbon
Velvet flowers
Diamante lace trim (centre of snowflake)
German scrap
Silver Glass Glitter
Vintage Collage Image

Vintage Christmas Gold tag
Meg's Garden materials are
Musical Christmas paper
Paper Doily
Candy stripe Ribbon
Velvet flowers and leaves
Duchess Jewel top pin
German scrap
Gold Glass Glitter
Ornate Chipboard frame - covered with glass glitter
Vintage Christmas Collage Image'

Fabulous tags Adriana - well done - will inspire the bloggers to start thinking of  Vintage projects.
Love the effect glass glitter has; the diamante centre of the snowflake is stunning - just the right touch.

Velvet flowers & pins of jewels are always the perfect additions to a vintage art piece.
The Vintage pics & th Pins of Jewels can be found in the Christmas Shop at www.megsgarden.com
Bye for now



  1. Stunnig work! I´m totally in love with the ruffles at the bottom.

  2. Wow Adriana!!! I love your tags, just gorgeous, love what you did to the crepe paper!!! Soooo clever :)

  3. I love how they look like bells - gorgeous!

  4. stunning with a capital S .. loving these Adriana x

  5. Gorgeous tags Adriana! absolutely luscious! xoxox