29 October, 2012

Gayle 'Plays with Tags'


I think 'play' is a serious understatement & I know you will agree....
Look at the following fantasy on what you can create with a 'Pack of Tags'

'Hi, Gayle here. Earlier this year I asked Meg for a few tags.........she sent me a whole pack of all sorts of different sizes. Now, I also had lots of scraps of Meg's paper left over from other projects so thought I would combine the two. That's one of the great things about these beautiful papers, they are so heavily patterned and detailed that even the tiniest scraps can be used up on other projects. Ther's room in this little book to add a couple of tiny photos, as well as little envelopes to tuck some journalling into. All papers are from....THE COUTURE COLLECTION and THE FORGET ME NOT COLLECTIONS 1 & 2. All the TAGS, the little HAND and HEART CHARMS, VELVET FLOWERS and PAPER DOILY are also from Meg's Garden. A tag book is a pretty and fun way to use up tiny scraps of beautiful paper.'
The above 2 pics are what Gayle calls 'collage of the tag book'.  She asked me if I wanted pics of the individual tags - I said yes please - I wanted more of this awesome little book.
Following are the pics:  7 tags = 14 pics

The lowly tag is no longer lowly ....
Well done Gayle - totally awesome - love all the elements & especially how you combined many collections of Denise Ann'e papers -fabulous

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Bye for now


  1. Wow!!! Love this gorgeous project!!! The colours are just delightful!!!

  2. wow wow wow !!!!! this is spectacular loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it xoxoxox

  3. Gayle stunning are these tags... love how you made use of all the scraps :)

  4. oh i love so much these tags!! they are wondeful!!!!

  5. Goodness Gayle where does your inspiration stem from?! it just keeps flowing in an endless stream of pure magic! As Heather says, this is absolutely spectacular!! mwah mwah mwah!

  6. Totally love what you did with scraps and tags! Goregous work on every side of the tags ans so cute with the different sizes! Hugs!

  7. wow my mouth is wide open just awesome

  8. incredibly gorgeous display of creativity