26 February, 2012

New Design team members announced


It was an extremely difficult task to select the new members of the Design Team. Thank you so much to the many applicants.

The new members who are joining the existing team are:

Eila Sandberg   http://dollopsofscrap.blogspot.com.au/

Heather Jacob from Australia    http://heatherartandlife.blogspot.com.au/

Yuka Hino from Japan    http://nsnlso.blogspot.com/

Gabrielle Pollacco from Canada    http://gabriellepollacco.blogspot.com/

Vickie Alberto from Canada    http://simplypaperandcreativity.blogspot.com

Cathy Cafun from Australia      http://cathycafun.blogspot.com

These applicants have their work cut out for them - the current DT have done some fabulous projects & have left a hard road for them.

Please have a look at their blogs, become a follower & cheer them on

Welcome ladies to Meg's Garden Design Team - the garden of papercraft delights

Bye for now



  1. Wow, congratulations ladies .... so wonderful to see you will be joining 'us'!! I already know some of you and look forwards to getting to know those I do not. I will add the blogs to my DT list ...

    a BIG congratulations Eila, Heather, Yuka, Gabrielle, Vickie and Cathy!!

    I cannot wait to see the inspirational projects you will create for Meg's Garden.

  2. Congrats to Cathy, Vicki, Gabrielle, Yuka, Heather and Eila for being on the Design team for Meg's Garden. It's great to have you all here, you are all amazing creatives, can't wait to be working with you all here at Meg's Garden. XXXXX

  3. WOW! what an awesome line up Meg! totally in awe!! Getting a bit nervous in the company of these renowned ladies but am really so looking forward to working together with all of you ladies, old and new!! Mwah!

  4. Hi Meg, what a fabulous line up .. I am honoured to be among such talent .. thank you, thank you, I am so looking forward to my journey in the 'garden of delights' !!!!!! hugz x

  5. Congrats girls , such an awesome group of talent...
    Lindy G

  6. Big Congrats to all the ladies who made the DT!!!!

  7. Hi girls !! Big congrats and welcome, Eila, Heather, Yuka, Gabrielle, Vickie and Cathy. Great to have all you lovelies as part of Meg's team. xx

  8. Hi girls... so excited to be part of this amazing DT and look forward to getting to know you all!! Huge congrats to Heather, Eila, Yuka, Gabrielle and Vicki. I can relate to Eila's comment.. a little nervous to be working with such amazing talent!! Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity Meg!!

  9. So excited to be part of this amazingly talented Design Team.. huge congrats to Heather, Eila, Vicki, Gabrielle & Yuka!! Thanks so much for the wonderful opportunity Meg! :))

  10. Congrats ladies! I'm so excited to be part of this amazing team! Thanks so much Meg!

  11. So exciting to be in such great company to design with! Nice to see some friends on the DT line-up too - congrats everyone! Can't wait to get to know everyone else. I've been browsing all the beautiful projects from the returning DT members - so beautiful!

  12. So excited to be a part of such a talented DT (I think I know the work of each of the ladies here, present DT and new additions!) Big Congrats to Eila, Heather, Vicky, Yuka & Cathy! And to the present DT, thank-you for the warm welcome! xx

  13. Congrats to Heather and Yuka! These ladies are AMAZING!!!!