09 December, 2011

Summer in Paris


Gayle decided to spend the 'Summer in Paris' - at least with her projects. The bare bottomed lady is now fully dressed & ready for show. And she is so gorgeous & inspiring.

Here is Gayle's  little "speech" about her projects:

The beautiful papers I have chosen from Meg's Garden are so pretty and so detailed, they stand alone. I have deliberately tried to use minimum, if any, embellishment with these projects as I think the papers speak for themselves and need very little enhancement.
Meg asked us to choose a theme with the word "Summer" in it..........
my theme is "Summer In Paris"   

Firstly I have dressed a mannequin, very French and very fashionable at the moment, completely in paper from Meg's Garden and inspired by Marie Antoinette.

For my second project I made a bag, (of course you would need to go shopping while in Paris). It is however recycled from a brown paper shopping bag. I painted some cardboard in sage green and lined the bag to give it rigidity and then "voila!", transformed it with Meg's beautiful paper. I added some hand made flowers and velvet leaves and decorated the inside with beautiful lace.

For my third project I have made some vintage post-cards;  you would after all have to send all your friends a post-card to say, "wish you were here". I have used lots of distressing, stamps, and inks, along with the beautiful collage papers from Meg's Garden.

Meg's Garden background papers:
Cartouche 3402, A French Bouquet 3400, Pink Passion 3407
Paper lace – white strip, mini squares                                                                                      
Meg's Garden background papers:
Green Satin & Flowers P6270, French Garden 3404
Lace - 6.3cm off white
Mini sq paper doily
Pale antique velvet leaves, sm pink & green leaves

Meg's Garden A4 Collage  papers:
Victorian Flower Oracle, Vintage Calling cards
Meg's Garden 12x12 Collage  papers:
Regency Romance 3366
Meg's Garden Background  papers
Chic Couture Flourish P6265,A French Collage label P6263:

Well done Gayle

Bye for now

What a fabulous Summer in Paris Collection of projects - love your little 'speech' describing the how & why of your projects.


  1. G-A-S-P!! The mannequin and the bag have to be among some of the most beautiful creations that I have come across in blogland!! absolutely exquisite work Gayle, vraiment merveilleuse réalisations!! have to head over to the shop and check out all the stuff you have used! xoxoxox

  2. WOW WOW WOW Gayle your creations are amazing.... beautiful & elegant love all the details on the dress... so gorgeous.. love them all :)

  3. Absoultely beautiful Gayle, seriously beautiful creations....

  4. WOW your dressed mannequin is totally stunning. I would have to say that is the most beautiful decorated mannequin I have seen, your details are exquisite - Beautiful. The decorated bag and postcard collection are totally yummy too.... Hugs x