20 December, 2011

Merry Christmas & the new Collection

Hello to all

Wow it is almost here - hope your list is as finished as mine. I decided I could not stand the hassle & stress so I did mine over the weekend & finished yesterday, except for wine. My family is very small so I am not a good as I am sounding.

Eila Sandberg, DT member at The Color Room, lives in Sweden & she sent me the link to her blog to share with me the cards she made from The Vintage Christmas Collection of Denise Ann - they are fabulous. Have a look at her blog.  http://dollopsofscrap.blogspot.com/. These are her 4 cards - lots of tricky cutting & fabulous touches of glitter & snow

Adriana also shared with me 2 pics of projects she had made - a tag for TCR and a christmas card for my bloggers in blog world. I thought I would share them with you - I just love the turquoise & lace highlights on the tag & the card is truly beautiful - thanks Adriana for sharing them with me

Working on the next Collection - Le Belle Jardin - it is being featured on The Color Room in January.

http://www.megsgarden.com/ is the sponsor for January 2012 so you will be able to see lots of projects using the new Collection. Packs have been sent to the DT of TCR (The Color Room) and went out to our DT yesterday along with a package of pastel embellishments. They have not even been sent their challenge yet.

More news to come

Have a beautiful Holiday Season
Bye for now

09 December, 2011

Summer in Paris


Gayle decided to spend the 'Summer in Paris' - at least with her projects. The bare bottomed lady is now fully dressed & ready for show. And she is so gorgeous & inspiring.

Here is Gayle's  little "speech" about her projects:

The beautiful papers I have chosen from Meg's Garden are so pretty and so detailed, they stand alone. I have deliberately tried to use minimum, if any, embellishment with these projects as I think the papers speak for themselves and need very little enhancement.
Meg asked us to choose a theme with the word "Summer" in it..........
my theme is "Summer In Paris"   

Firstly I have dressed a mannequin, very French and very fashionable at the moment, completely in paper from Meg's Garden and inspired by Marie Antoinette.

For my second project I made a bag, (of course you would need to go shopping while in Paris). It is however recycled from a brown paper shopping bag. I painted some cardboard in sage green and lined the bag to give it rigidity and then "voila!", transformed it with Meg's beautiful paper. I added some hand made flowers and velvet leaves and decorated the inside with beautiful lace.

For my third project I have made some vintage post-cards;  you would after all have to send all your friends a post-card to say, "wish you were here". I have used lots of distressing, stamps, and inks, along with the beautiful collage papers from Meg's Garden.

Meg's Garden background papers:
Cartouche 3402, A French Bouquet 3400, Pink Passion 3407
Paper lace – white strip, mini squares                                                                                      
Meg's Garden background papers:
Green Satin & Flowers P6270, French Garden 3404
Lace - 6.3cm off white
Mini sq paper doily
Pale antique velvet leaves, sm pink & green leaves

Meg's Garden A4 Collage  papers:
Victorian Flower Oracle, Vintage Calling cards
Meg's Garden 12x12 Collage  papers:
Regency Romance 3366
Meg's Garden Background  papers
Chic Couture Flourish P6265,A French Collage label P6263:

Well done Gayle

Bye for now

What a fabulous Summer in Paris Collection of projects - love your little 'speech' describing the how & why of your projects.

02 December, 2011

Denise presents her 'Summer Fun' Collection


Denise had so much 'Summer Fun' with her Off the Page projects.

Her first 2 projects show summer fun at the beach as it was in the 1920's.  Both of her projects are beautifully presented in frames which accentuate the textures & embellishments used on the papers.

Products used:
Vintage by the Sea 1027
Sea Charms Pack, muslin, odd ribbons, string & lace
Wild Flowers Field P6373
Ivory paper flowers & Ivory Rosebuds

Denise then left the beachside & went into her garden to have the rest of her  'Summer Fun'.  Here she made another 2 OTP projects - the 1st one is a framed piece of art while the 2nd is a gorgeous covered diary.

Off the Page Flowers
Scraps from Satin and Flowers P6267 & Green Satin & Flowers P6270
Pink & green leaves, Pink & white apple blossoms, ivory roses
prima birdcage

Front cover of diary

inside front cover
inside back cover

back cover

Products used:
A French Bouquet  3400
Pink Passion 3407
pink satin ribbon, muslin
Small pink & green leaves
Ivory paper roses & rosebuds, Pink & white apple blossoms
Prima flowers
german scrap flourish
dusty attic chip board

What a fabulous gift idea - cover an ordinary diary with beautiful papers & embellishments - a gift that lasts forever!

Denise painted the scenes on the front cover, inside front & inside back - beautiful Monet colours.
You will see more of her painting work on her next Collection - Le Belle Jardin. The Collection is a very elegant & pastel set of papers - the newsletter & blog will announce their arrival.

These projects are absolutely fabulous - well done Denise

I talked to Gayle on Monday & was told that her project had a 'bare bottom' & she needed more paper - very interesting!!!!!
Bye for now

30 November, 2011

Tutorial on Sandie's Book Card

As promised Sandie has written a blog with pics to show you how to make this fabulous project - what a great Christmas gift for a relative or friend

4 cardstock (12 x 12)
Dimensional adhesive dots/squares
Wonder Tape (or a very strong tape)
Double sided tape

Distress Inks (optional)
Strong Glue (I used Glossy Accents)
Travel Mini Paper Pack – Meg's Garden
Lace – Meg's Garden, Embellishments & ribbons

Ø  Cut 4 pieces of cardstock measuring 6” X 8”
Ø  Score each piece of cut cardstock at 1” going across the whole 8”. *See photo 1

photo 1

Fold each piece of cardstock like a fan & ink the edges *See photo 2

photo 2

Ø  Gather two pieces of your folded cardstock pieces, and gently place together, fitting each fold from one piece into the other.  *See photo 3
photo 3

Ø  Using strong glue, such as glossy accents, adhere only the two end tabs on each end.  *See photo 4
photo 4

Ø  Continue previous ‘step’ to complete the frame for your book card.  Getting the final cardstock piece in place can be fiddly. I find it easiest to weave the last piece of cardstock in and glue down on one side only, then turning over and gluing the other.  *See photo 5

photo 5

Ø  Hold in place till glue is dry.  Finished frame work for book card. *See Photo 6
****Please note, you may have to push gently, each concertina fold, to get the pages to zig-zag into each other tightly.  With gentle persuasion, this can be done without bending the cardstock – just remember to wiggle the cardstock gently****

photo 6
 Ø  Choose a piece of paper from your Meg's Garden, Travel Mini Pack for the main background paper of the inside of your card. Adhere with a strong glue or Wonder Tape to the back of your book frame. *See Photo 7

photo 7
Ø  Using Wonder Tape, adhere lace to outer edge of your book frame. Decorate as you please, using a variety of embellishments that are to your liking. *See photo 8 & 9
Ø  Cut a piece of cardstock measuring 21.2cms X 15.7cms for your back cover & cut a piece measuring 15.7cms square for your front cover.  ****Please note:  The reason I have used centimetres and not inches, is for precise measuring.  The book cards cover, needs to be slightly larger than the inside ****
Ø  Score the back cover piece of cardstock at 4cms and 1.3cms (1/2”)
Ø  Ink all edges

photo 8

photo 9

Ø  Before decorating and putting the cover together, use a strong adhesive to adhere ribbon ties to the outside edges of your cover *See photo 10

photo 10

Ø  With the back cover (longest, scored piece of cardstock), cover your 4cm area with adhesive/glue.  I use a mixture of both glue and Wonder Tape. *See photo 11
photo 11

Ø  Carefully adhere the back cover to the front cover so that the edges match up perfectly. *See Photo 12
photo 12

Ø  Adhere two pieces of paper from the Meg's Garden, Travel Mini Paper Pack – to the inside cover, and the other on the outside cover.
Ø  On the outside and inside cover, decorate as you please, and to your liking.  Don’t forget to add a journal label to write upon when your card is completed, and ready to ‘give’.  *See Photo 13 & 14 for examples of finished covers

photo 13 - Happy Christmas Cat Book
photo 14 - Summer Rose Garden
Summer Rose Garden inside pages

Summer Rose Garden page 1

Summer Rose Garden page 2

Happy Christmas Cat Book inside pages
Happy Christmas Cat Book page 1

Happy Christmas Cat Book page 2
Ø  Decorate the inside shadow-box area as you please.  *See photos of Summer Rose Garden & Happy Christmas Cat Book for examples
Ø  When you are happy with your decorating, using a strong adhesive/or glue to adhere your shadow-box into your book card.

Many thanks to you Sandie for this tutorial
If you would like a copy of this tutorial, please email me

Bye for now