10 January, 2020

Chapter Three: Loss

From Letters, to Love.. and now to Loss.
The storytelling that evolved through using Meg's Garden Cut & Create images while creating my journal, concludes in this final chapter.

The third and final section in my junk journal starts on a sombre tone. Dark colours feature heavily, and a Vintage Journal Card image that evokes sadness to the viewer.  

Meg's Garden Junk Journal papers again form the cover pages of the chapter, perfect for making your own journals or mini albums.  

The section opens with an interactive element to begin the story.

She is sad and downcast, and the single word "thinking" leaves you with a sense of what is to come.

Opening the right reveals wedding rings. 

The left, a message, if he shouldn't make it home.

Another pocket, embellished with a spilled envelope of postage stamps. She has tried to reach her soldier without success. Inside the pocket holds her card to him, dated so long ago.

The individual sections throughout are textured - crumpled vellum, ripped and torn paper, to convey anger and sadness, as well as time and being worn from handling. 

A rose patterned paper from a previous Meg's Garden collection was the perfect piece to use with the sentiment, which I made pop out as the card is opened. Both the envelope and card are embellished using Cut & Create imagery, die cuts and lace.

He kept her photo close, as well as a stamped message - wish you were here. 
Inside his jacket, a pocket with the rings - he was to propose when returning from the front.

Pockets feature heavily in this section, holding the personal effects of her soldier. 

Using more masculine Cut & Create images, I selected items he would have on him and his clothing, matches and a letter from her, all returned to his pen pal, the only address he had.

A torn envelope holds the official documents and paperwork sent to her. Removable from the envelope, however she keeps them tucked inside. 

Each piece, including the envelope, is heavily distressed and inked. Bundling together the imagery with twine for texture, also gives the suggestion of formality and finality.

The reverse of the envelope is a rose, this time from my garden, I pressed and framed for the journal. 
My rose is now her rose, given to her from him during their time in Paris. 
She now keeps it close.

Words are minimal in this section, letting the Cut & Create imagery speak. However, here I embellished with a simple word - love. An old charm.

The distressed vellum and doily add to the layers and to the sence of loss. 

The final pocket holds Cut & Create tags - his war tags, embellished and strung together on a chain with his key.

The metal embellishments complement the masculine Vintage Journal Card, which I have used as his service photo and documentation.     

The back cover is a simple sentiment, one that sums up the journal and the journey within, decorated with a beautiful bloom of colour and joy.

It is amazing the stories that can grow from a sheet of paper. 


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