09 May, 2019

Concertina Queen

Hi Everyone,

Using one full sheet of Meg's new Art Tags, I created this special friendship card. 

By using the lines as my guide from the individual tags, I was able to make the once flat sheet into a concertina card with the Tag designs as my base. I trimmed the Tag sheet, removing the tabbed tops to create straight edges.. However, if you take a close look, you'll see I've repurposed the cut off tabs as embellishments in the card! 

I wanted a contrasting yet complimenting colour for the other side of the card. As always with Meg's vast collection of patterned paper, I was able to find the perfect blue floral print for the card. This also gave me my colouring guide, bringing the blue from inside to feature on the front sides. 

With a friendship card in mind, I found appropriate sayings and sentiments to decorate, whilst also leaving blank spaces for the giver to write their own words. 

From past Cut & Create collections, as well as Meg's range of beautiful flowers, I was able to pick the perfect tonal embellishments, and also imagery complimenting the friendship theme.

Using ribbon from Meg's shop, the final touch to the concertina card is wrapping it up like a gift, making the perfect card and gift in one for someone special. 


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