04 July, 2018

A New Case to Solve

I say, Watson, I do believe we have another three cards to solve!

It is hard not to have fun with the Sherlock III collection!

With so many choices on each page, the Sherlock ephemera sheets made my three cards full of detail.

I wanted to have the man himself, Sherlock, stand out. This card has several layers - including die cuts, background stamping and more from the ephemera sheets, but of course dear Sherlock must take pride of place. The papers in the Sherlock collection beautifully allow you to create either in full detail or laid back in design.

Taking inspiration from the ephemera, I added corner detail giving the effect that the gentleman's quill is ready to pick up and write inside his journal - or of course, inside the card!

I think one of my favourite designs to date, a letter to a loved one, complete in an envelope with a postcard and forget me not photo - all from the ephemera pages. I made a small slit in the envelope cut out so I could tuck the postcard and photo inside. I added background stamping to give the effect of a far travelled message. 

I hope you are all enjoying this new collection, I love having a challenge and stepping outside of my comfort style of cards! 

Happy creating,