25 March, 2018

Easter eggs by Meredith Hilly

Hello everyone.
I would like to show you the Easter eggs I made using Megs Garden embellishments and papers.
I used duck eggs as they are larger but chook eggs can be used instead.
After blowing the egg yolk out I painted this egg with a moss green paint and then a coat of crinkle crackle paint. I used toilet rolls as frame work for all of my Easter eggs stands. Decorating the roll in different ways.

This velvet flower was the perfect colour for my egg.

This lovely egg I painted first. After drying I cut out pictures and scrunched them into balls. There are so many pictures you can choose from at Megs garden to cut out. Clocks , flowers , ladies. The possibilities are endless. The scrunching breaks down the paper fibre making it easier to glue onto a curve surface. Then using wood glue mixed with water I softened the paper. Gentle smoothing the paper onto the egg. Don't over work the paper as it will loose the picture and colour.

While the eggs has the wood glue mixture on it you can attach lace or ribbon to the egg.
When the egg is dry the hole used to blow the egg can be used as a anchor for flowers and leaves.

I did the same process with this egg. Glitter works great on the flower and pictures.

Adding pearls and small embellishments like dragon flies makes the egg more detailed.

The base of this egg stand was painted with pink paint and I added lace with pearls drops. I cut up the round silver trim ribbon to use  for smaller decorations. Don't ever be afraid to cut off small portions of lace and ribbon. They make wonderful embellishments.

And now for the boys.  I  choose my photos to cut out from  Alchemy 101 papers. I followed the same process as above but when the egg was dried I coated it with crinkle crackle. When this layer dried I used a dark coloured ink pad to wipe over the egg. This will go into the cracks. Before the ink dries wipe of excess with a tissue.

This egg I did not paint. I stamped it with stamps. You will need to roll the egg along the stamps to get most of the image on the stamp.

Again I used a toilet roll and painted it. Attaching the ribbon with the very cute cog and frog.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did making the eggs. There is so much to be created using megs garden supplies on your very own Easter egg. Give it a try. Makes a lovely gift at Easter time without the calories.

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  1. Awesome creations Meridith,so very beautiful!.

  2. So clever and they look fabulous

  3. Wow!! I love these Meredith!! They are all so gorgeous and so creative!! Beautifully done and thank you for sharing the process!! x

  4. Meredith, these are stunning, such great work a touch of Decoupage, wonderful :)

  5. Wonderful work, Meredith. You are very creative..x