19 February, 2018

2017 by Meredith Hilly

Hello everyone. The page I did today was a 12x12 book cover for 2017.
I carefully choose different items and pictures that represent the past year. 

I was able to use one of the new dies from Megs garden. The circle of leaves is a lovely way to draw your eye to the picture. I cut and folded the fan from Megs papers to give it a 3D feel.

I used a feather from my Guinea fowls to go with the ink nib.

Thanks for having a look at my page. Enjoy your day.

Megs Garden.


  1. The diecut certainty highlights the lovely vintage lady,a great idea for an album cover Meridith

  2. Beautiful & I love the colour scheme & the touches of gold.

  3. Love this vintage album cover, absolutely beautiful!

  4. I agree the die draws your eyes to the lovely image. Really love the flower from Megs as well. Gorgeous book cover

  5. A lovely album cover Meredith! I love the touches of gold! x