05 January, 2018

Hello Bloggers

The Alchemy 101 & French Chic papers were picked up at the print shop. I put the French Chic A4 papers onto my Craft table in order to make some cards - had to switch my brain from grungy to shabby chic. I did so & made 6 cards.

The cards are all in different cardstock colours & fully decorated inside

Have a look at the video which shows all the details

Lavender cardstock, image from French Chic Ephemera, ivory silk flower, paper rose leaves, champagne ribbon & ivory tulle. Mats are done in dusky pink to highlight the image with white between the pink & the image as another highlighter. Interior done with lace over the champagne ribbon, images from French Chic ephemera & vintage trinket.

 Ivory cardstock, matting in the pink paper & the cover cut back 2 cm to show more of the pink paper which is a pocket on the inside. Champagne organza ribbon, narrow lace, ivory silk flower, more ephemera from the collection. A hat pin of beads

Blue papers were used on this one which opens from the bottom. Lace is tied around the top, pearls added as decoration. Ephemera from the Collection, more lace & some blue 3mm satin ribbon on the inside for pockets

This larger card is in greens with 2 shades on green cardstock, paper flowers with their twisted stems & a green organza ribbon. Inside a diecut & pocket with tags & green 3mm satin ribbon.

Lavender is always a beautiful colour to use - a lavender ribbon tied around the card, 2 punched butterflies, paper rose & rosebuds with a lavender sating ribbon. Inside has pockets, ephemera images, & more lavender ribbon.

Ivory cardstock is folded at the top, lace & ribbon decorated with 2 roses & a bow on the bottom of the front. A little book closed with a magnet & ephemera. The inside uses the multi pastel strip paper, lace, ribbon & ephemera

This card is probably my favourite. It is an accordion card on ivory cardstock closed with champagne organza ribbon. The front uses ephemera & a tag from the collection in a vintage ephemera envelope; a sign, 2 blue paper mini roses with rose leaves & narrow lace. The inside 4 pages use only patterned paper from the collection.

Hope you enjoy the cards & can collect some ideas.

Bye for now


  1. Beautiful cards,some great ideas here!

  2. Beautiful, pretty cards. The last card is my fave also, love the ephemera stacked on the front of the card