29 October, 2017

A Ladies Christmas Planner by Meredith Hilly

Hello. I hope everyone is well. Its never to early to start planning for Christmas.
I like to write down what presents I am buying for family and friends. My daughter , my  mum and I like to plan our Christmas meals with who's coming for dinner and what will be needed.
So the project I would like to show you is a ladies Christmas planner.
Using thick card stock I cut out a book which was half a Christmas tree and half a rectangle book.
I bound the book using metal circle clips.

I strongly recommend you try a project or card with the German Scrap borders and strips. There are so many uses of German Scrap borders and strips from Megs garden.
They are so detailed with the embossing and fine cut out patterns. I used the borders through out the book. Framing or high lighting each page. This makes the layout of each page flow as one theme throughout the book.
Thanks for having a look at my latest project.
Megs garden
My Stash
Thick card stock
glitter glue
diamonds coloured