29 September, 2017

Christmas is fun but where to store it when your done? by Meredith Hilly

Hello my crafty friends. Christmas is coming closer and we can now spoil ourselves with
 glitter and over the top projects that celebrate good times with family and friends.
My mum puts a lot of effort into choosing a colour palate to decorate her home. Each year you can see the thought put into her table and wall display and they always look amazing.
So where does it all go when the festive season is over?
Into old cardboard boxes and plastic bags.
So my project I would like to show you this week is a bucket with a lid I have decorated with the beautiful papers from Megs garden to store it in.

I choose a paper that I could glue onto the bucket and then fussy cut out the same Christmas  baubles to match. Using foam tap I attached them so this gave a 3D look to the picture.

Like I said Christmas to me is glitter. So glitter glue was used on everything.

 I hope you like my project. You could cover old shoe boxes , storage bags or even what your Christmas items are stored in now to jazz things up.
Bye for now.
Megs Garden
My stash
Pine tree die
glitter glue
Black bucket with lid


  1. How lovely Meridith ,a great idea and lovely use of the Twinkling Christmas range,looks fantastic!

  2. Beautiful idea Meredith. I'd store the bucket where everyone can see it to admire it also.

  3. Wonderful idea Meredith and I agree with Barb that this lovely box should be left on display. Would be a shame to hide it. x

  4. Wow , such a great idea and looks beautiful ! You girls are so clever