13 August, 2017

Creative Cards #1

Hello Bloggers

Card #1 - The focus is on the inside

The green card is fairly simple on the front.  The green cardstock is folded in half. A piece of florist ribbon is folded down the side 1.5cm from the edge; a Green Mauve Delphinium #40200  is added & a vintage trinket cut in half with a small piece of dodo vine tucked in for interest.

The green bead is to lead the recipient into the card.

The inside of the card is where the interest is.  The same green florist ribbon continues down the inside; a Vintage beauty is tucked into the ribbon along with a tag which is ready for journaling.  The other inside of the card has some ephemera as well as another tag for journaling.  Once the tags are journaled they can be attached.  The patterned papers used on the background are from the White Flowers on Green Paper Collection.

Vintage trinkets with a small pearl have been added for more interest

Card #2 - Focus is on the Front of the Card

Same papers, florist ribbon & Delphinium flower as Card #1; different ephemera, white cardstock as a base (could use green or cream),  skeleton leaves, fleur de lys vintage trinket to coalate with the French ephemera & a piece of green skeleton ribbon (folded in half) is placed on top of the florist ribbon.  The inside is plain with a simple ribbon as a pocket for the journaling tags

Hope these cards give you some ideas
Bye for now 


  1. Lovely cards,I really like the focus on the inside idea

  2. Such wonderful use of the embellishments to add to the vintage feel of the projects.