19 July, 2017

Lavande album

Hello, everyone!

Veronika here to share another my work with Lavande 
from Meg's Garden. Please, do not forget that you can find this collection in digital and paper version.
This time I made a big album. Size is more than A4 with ten pages and a lot of places for photos.
I think the main colour of this collection is my favourite. And it looks very beautiful in every work.

Please check this awesome Lavande collection
here in Meg's Garden.

Best regards,


  1. Your albums are always so very beautiful and this is no exception Veronika,stunning work!.

  2. A stunning piece of artwork Veronika. Just lovely.

  3. Beautiful album! Love how you've incorporated so many lovely embellishments...especially the crocheted flowers...nice touch. Thanks for pointing out that this collection is available in more than just digital. Purples seem to be quite popular this summer/ Well done!