21 February, 2017

Sherlock Journal Vol. II mini album

Hello Bloggers

I'm not usually fond of grunge creating so it was with some concern that I took the latest paper collection -Sherlock Journal Vol. II - to my craft table.  I am much more comfortable with shabby chic - grab some ribbons, flowers, lace & pearls & have fun.

But I have had many requests for some more Sherlock so here is my attempt.

The paper collection pages are each 5x7.5".  I used black cardstock for all pages including the cover & spine.  You could also use kraft, cream, grey or dark brown depending on the look you want to achieve or your style of art.

The individual black cardstock pages for the inside of the journal are 10.5x7.5" with a 2/8 " gusset down the centre of each one.  The individual pages were cut since I wanted to do embellishing & have many pockets for journaling, photos & embellishing.  The 2.8" gusset was glued to the inside of the spine so that the pages would lie flat.
Using this style of page I then had 4 pages on each one - front, back & the 2 insides.

The cover is 6x8" with a 3" spine - chipboard for all 3 pieces & then covered with black cardstock - if you want to cover the corners you will need to add to this measurement. 

The front cover has kraft cardstock & one of the paper covers - both are distressed & torn.
Embellishments include vintage filigree corners, a knob, & a key tied to the knob with jute twine.  The other embellishments are from the ephemera papers attached with foam tape.

Inside the cover - a piece of the other cover paper.  Front of page 1:  The post card is attached on 1 side only so that pics, notes etc can be inserted.

Inside page 1: - ephemera from the sheets, vintage trinkets, a clock charm & tags tucked behind the 'ART' ephemera.  The majority of the ephemera were backed with black cardstock.

Back of page 1:- pocket for lined pages of journaling, tag for interest.
Front of page 2 is 1 of what I called 1 of the alternate pages.

Inside page 2 - more ephemera.
On the back of page 2 & front of page 3 there are pockets again for journaling papers.

Inside page 3: more ephemera , the vintage envelope is slit to allow insertion of papers, docs or pics. More charms & a key on key chain tucked into mini paper clip.  Thanks to Annette for the idea of slitting the envelope

Back of page 3 is a pocket for journaling pages attched with the same clip; the front of page 4 is decorated simply & both pages have vintage trinkets.

Inside of page 3:  the cabinet card opens to show a pic of a vintage gentleman; more vintage trinkets & some cream mesh ribbon to lightly soften the page

Back of page 3: ephemera distressed.  Front of page 4:  more journaling pages.

Inside page 4: ephemera

Back of page 4; ephemera distressed & attached with foam tape
Front of page 5: journaling pages

Inside page 5: more tags & another slit envelope

Back of page 5 - ephemera
Front of page 6; this page opens us with the faux lock

Inside the page is a journaling sheet - the other side opens to the following:

Both sides have journaling, the middle has simple ephemera & a tag

Back of page 6 is the other alternate page - the alternate pages could also be used on the front or back  covers of the journal 

The back cover of the journal: the other piece of the cover paper - distressed, torn & decorated with more ephemera, a vintage trinket with a clock charm

The spine of the journal: Covered with mesh ribbon & from a hardware charm hangs a key on jute twine & a little bottle of seed beads. A vintage trinket has a cream/gold tassle - a touch of elegance.

The video shows the slides:

To be honest, I actually enjoyed making the mini album - it was a great exercise to see how the collection of papers & ephemera flowed together. 
Sherlock Journal Vol. III is definitely on the drawing board for mid year.

Bye for now 



  1. This is absolutely amazing Meg! So much work has gone into this journal and it has certainly paid off. You may not be comfortable with 'grunge' scrapping but you rocked it! This journal is sensational .. absolutely stunning. Looooveee these papers!! hugs xx

  2. I agree with Margaret amazing work,just stunning!