08 January, 2017

A pretty little letter box set by Meredith Hilly

Hello everyone. I would love to share with you a pretty little letter box I made.
I transformed a empty chocolate box into a useful gift for Christmas.
I am a bit old fashioned and still love to send and receive snail mail letters.

 The Spring Pastel papers from Megs Garden work really well with the silver and purple colours I chose. Don't be afraid to cut metal embellishments to suit you project. At the top of my box is the word Post Card and I cut a metal embellishment in half and stuck it either side of the words.

I added a little handle to the box which makes it easier to open.

I just love how these flowers pop when teamed with the silver bracken fern I spray painted.

Inside the letter box there are a few things I made for letter writing.

A pen with a little bottle of Dandelion seeds. The Dandelion seeds are there to remind you that you will always have time to write a letter.

When you open the little envelope I have placed some stamps ready for you to mail your letters.

I made three cards with envelopes to be used.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my letter box set.
Megs garden

My stash
Purple cardstock
White cardstock


  1. Very very pretty and creative Meredith

  2. Wow I LOVE this, what a great idea for a gift. The little envelope with the stamps is a fab idea, really love everything about this

  3. This is just gorgeous. What a delightful gift for some lucky person. Beautiful work Meredith.