13 November, 2016

Sheds of Hahndorf using Vintage Journal Collection

Hello Bloggers

I have always been a City girl. When I moved to Hahndorf in 2009, I was in awe of the old buildings here (old for AU).  The heritage houses on the Main St have been registered as Heritage & have lots written about them.

What caught my attention were the old sheds, outbuildings & 'dunnies' that had been ignored. The one shed that sparked my interest is one that I walked past almost every day - the sheds next to Pioneer Park in the yard of Haebich's Old Smithy from 1839.

My camera has caught many of them since 2010;  my idea to create a book started in the classroom of the original Charlotte's web - so I dedicate this book to Charlotte - hope you see it.  I collected rusty nails pulled from old posts, bark from gum trees & seed pods & finally decided I had the right papers for it in the Vintage Journal Collection.

This is my book:


the book has a double cover - this is the inner cover & right spine

book open showing inside of front cover  on the left, all pages attached to second spine, inside the other spine from pic  #1 & inside second cover

the original school from 1854 & a german wagon in front of the old mill - both these pages open out

each section of the pages has many pages which fold in

this is a pic of Haebich's old smithy on the left & the shed which inspired me on the right - they also open out to show more

a classic dunny facing away from the cottage - this is behind No.90 The White House

another dunny & also old shed with ladder to get into the top

Hahndorf also has old barnhouses - this is the 'best' - man & animals were housed under one roof until time & money were available to build a house

must also add some fab garages

No 7 Pine Ave was built for one of the 1st surgeons in Hahndorf - it is currently for sale but needs lots of restoration.  I was intrigued by the sheds in the back of it

this is the original stone stables at 7 Pine Ave

inside of second cover

top view of book

pic of pages
These are only some of the pics that I took - the slide video shows them all

The style of the book is loosely based on a video from Xannero1 called Ladies Diary Journal Workbook - thanks Annie - had to modify your method a little since I needed lot of pages.

Hope you enjoy my book - I had a lot of fun making it.

Bye for now

Vintage Journal Collection


  1. What a great way to capture all the sheds and dunnies in your area,so much to look at,I can almost smell the gumleaves
    You live in an amazing area,my late husband having a very German name was very interested in the history of Hahndorf

  2. A truly inspirational project to celebrate the history of Hahndorf and showcase the Meg's Garden goodies.

  3. This is stunning Meg!! A beautiful book to showcase all those amazing photos. Love all the found items you've included too!! So inspiring!!