17 August, 2016

TeaTray Water Colour in Blue by Meredith Hilly

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is enjoying Megs "Water Colour in Blue" collection.
My mum enjoys having me and my kids to tea parties. She cooks up a storm and we use tea cups and saucers. When the weather is warmer we go outside to enjoy her garden. The new paper collection gave me a great idea to make a tea tray for her to carry the cakes and cups.
First I found a photo frame which had a nice big border and was about 500mmx400mm.

I then bought two decorative handles. So there was no chance of me breaking the glass while drilling and screwing the handles in I took the frame apart and put the glass aside.

I decorated the black cardboard which came with the frame and then put the glass back in. Using liquid nails I glued the back together and taped over this with a heavy duty material tape to give it strength.

To finish the tray of I decorated one corner with flowers and ivy leaves. I added glitter to the flowers to give them depth of colour.

I was very happy how this tray turned out. The glass makes it easy to wipe any spills.
Have a go at making your own tray. There are many colour papers at Megs Garden to choose from.

Megs garden

My stash


  1. What a brilliant idea,fantastic tray Meredith

  2. Oh Meredith, what an amazing clever idea and it looks so beautiful. Boy such an inspiration. I am sure your Mum is going to love it.

  3. What a wonderfully clever idea, Meredith and such a gorgeous gift .. one your Mum will treasure I'm sure. Made with love and truly beautifully. xx

  4. What a fabulous idea and turned out beautiful, I bet your Mum loves it

  5. What a beautiful tea tray. I could see my Grandma loving it, your mum will treasure it. xxx