20 June, 2016

Rose Quartz Mini Book by Meredith Hilly

Hello everyone. I have made a mini book using 12x12 pages using the beautiful papers from Megs garden.

I cut out the smaller pictures which I then made into tags to slide into the pockets. I tied gold, brown and green ribbon on different ones.

I used the beautiful light rose lace to frame pictures.

Gold leaves and gold edging was glued into the book to make it pretty like the old photos of the ladies in the book.

The tiny roses from Megs garden are terrific small detail element to any picture.

I like the metal flower with the green flower beside it as they are both not what you would call a traditional colour of flowers.

Using double sided 12x12 paper this is how the mini book is made.

Fold the paper  in half.

Then fold it in half the other way.

As the below picture shows cut a 5mm strip out of the page.

Fold the page up then back on itself to form a pocket.

Stick it down. one side has a pocket and the other is a page.

Turn over and do the same again.

Now you will have another pocket and a page the other side.

Using this technique you can make as many pages as you like and thread a piece of ribbon and lace to bind it into a book. This book can be made into a lot of different page set ups. So experiment a little.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my latest project. Thanks Megs for such pretty papers and embellishments. Keep up the great work.

Megs Garden

From my stash
Gold trim stickers
Pink card stock


  1. Very effective and pretty book Meridith,great step by step instructions!

  2. Amazing book Meridith.Stunning embellishments you made.

  3. Gorgeous ... there is so much work in this beautiful little book ... you have used Meg's flowers to perfection :)

  4. Thank you for the step by step. Gorgeous mini book

  5. Beautiful work and love the step by step. xxx

  6. This is so sweet and pretty .. love it Meredith! Great step by step and gorgeous booklet!! xx