17 June, 2016

Another Vintage Romantic Junk Journal for Meg's Garden

Hi everybody,

  I believe that most of you love Roses.Me too,so I was really happy to create my projects using beautiful collection "Rose Quartz" from Meg's Garden shop. I am coming today share with you my second project out of this collection.Again I choosed make a journal but before I will show some pics and video I would like to share with you what interesting facts about Roses I just found on internet.
I always enjoy read about vintage things but what I didn't know before,that Vintage Roses also exist :D
  One of those unique flowers is still alive. For more than 1000 years large rose bush covers the wall of the Cathedral of Hildesheim in Germany and other is rose fossil which was found in Colorado in the age of about 35 million years.That is really awesome,don't you think? 
  In nature, the genus Rosa has some 150 species spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere, from Holland to Mexico and North Africa. Although roses can come in a wide variety of colours, a “black rose” is not actually black. It is actually a very dark red.Different coloured roses are used to convey different feeling of passion and emotion. For instance,  red roses are used to show the people’s romance, love, and passion. However, if you want to show empathy, happiness, and familiar love, you can give yellow roses. To deliver the poetic romance and gentleness, delicate pink roses are used.....is lot of more amazing informations but  I believe it's enough for now.
  It's time to show and share with you my Romantic journal...

I made a video with this journal as well if you are interested...

I hope you found some inspiration.If you need some more ideas what to create,just go to Meg's blog
...you can find there amazing projects from other ladies.
This is all for today.Thank you so much for stopping by.
Don't forget to check this amazing collection and all other stuff Meg selling.
Don't forget also have a look to my Printable freebies,I am always sharing some of my stuff which I used in a project ;-)

Have a wonderful time.
Hugs Eva xx


  1. Just ADORE these beautiful journals :)

  2. I am totally in love with this journal.

    1. It's because that collection is amazing.So romantic ;-)

  3. Such beautiful work Eva,so much to look at,stunning work and thanks for the video

  4. Wow!! This book is such a delight to look at. So gorgeous and so much to see .. I love this Eva!! The lace cover is exquisite and I also love all the different laces you have included on the inside. Absolutely stunning work and I loved the video too!!

  5. Beautiful vintage journal, thank you for sharing and for sharing your video

  6. Wow, absolutely stunning. II just love every bit of detail and the papers. Your cover is so beautiful. xxx

  7. Gorgeous journal. My favorite spread is the one with a man wearing a uniform ( I think) holding a small child. There is a doily pocket, too. I think it must be one of your favorites too, as you included its picture twice! I am going to watch the video now ~ I know I'm in for a treat. TFS ~ Julie