01 June, 2016

A Ladies Travel Journal by Meredith Hilly

My niece is going on an over seas trip soon and I wanted her to record her adventure. So I made her a ladies travel journal using these amazing papers from Megs Garden.

When I made the book I kept in mind that this journal was going to be pulled in and out of luggage so I had to keep a plastic cover on it to protect it.

I used lace on the spine of it and washi tape to bind it together.

The following photos are the pages in the journal ready for my niece to write or attach travel notes.

In between the pages I hung little travel embellishments  on the Italian paper clips from Megs Garden.

Using stamps from Megs garden I stamped on the inside front and back cover .

Some times I find it difficult to get what I have thought of. So I make it. The particular album size I wanted had to be made. I bought a A4 two ring book and measured the size I wanted. After drawing on the white plastic I cut it using good scissors as it is strong cardboard. 

       The cardboard from the front cover I decorated and slid in back under the clear plastic cover.

I cut the third white plastic page in half to made a pocket and using washi tape I bound the three front pages together.
I slide the spine out and decorated it then slid it back in. Again using washi tape to seal the edges.
Using the same method as the front cover I completed the back cover.
To make a title plaque I cut  a strip of tin and borrowed the hubbies letter punches.

I framed the plaque on black cardstock.

I was really happy how this journal turned out and with the beautiful papers of Rose Quartz its such a nice ladies project.
Thanks for looking at my journal.

Megs garden

My stash
A4 folder
tin strips


  1. your journal is stunning! I love all pages

  2. What a beautiful journal Meridth really stunning thanks for the demo also

  3. What a beautiful travel journal for your niece, something she will treasure I am sure

  4. This is gorgeous! And thank you for the step by step photos : ) always so helpful~
    A beautiful journal like this would truly inspire one to write! Karen O

  5. Ooohhhh .... VERY nice ... I love the way you have mixed some bright tones in with the vintage pallet ... just beautiful :)

  6. Wow this is so beautiful. I love every bit of detail and I'm thinking I would like to be your niece right now. I can give you my mailing address :) Every single page is stunning <3

  7. Such a lovely journal .. will be a delight for your niece every time she pulls this out to write in it. Each page is a little treasure all by itself and thank you for the step by step instructions. Love every little detail! xx

  8. Very attractive little book. I think I'would just save it...couldn't bring myself to write on those beautiful pages. Pretty!

  9. I love this - it is so beautiful!