13 November, 2015

Merry Christmas House by Meredith Hilly

Hello everyone. With Christmas not to far away I enjoyed making a Christmas House to start my decorations. I used Megs Garden Microscope Glass slide mailers for this house.
  Living in a country that has hot to very hot Christmas days I used blues and whites to represent snow. I would love to have a white Christmas.

The lace is icicles hanging from the gutters with glitter on the roof to look like snow.

What's Christmas with out a Tree. And a lovely star on top. I cut around the plastic that the diamonds where bought on instead of pulling it of. I used double sided tape and stuck them to the top of the tree back to back.

Using a brick embossing pattern I rubbed white ink onto the grout side and then put the blue paper in it before running it through my Big Shot. This made the grout more defined against the bricks. 

I cut the centre of a paper doily out and stuck it to the roof. This pattern was like a huge snow flake.

Using very thin silver steel sheets I embossed snow flakes for the base of the decoration.

The diamonds stuck on the eves are little snowflakes. With a dusting of white ink on the embellishments.

I designed the house so I could place a little fake candle inside of it so the Santa windows would shine. 

Thanks for having a look at my little Christmas house. I really enjoyed making it.

Megs Garden

From my stash
Tim Holtz Christmas Tree
Silver metal sheet (SHIM)
Santa Workshop sign


  1. Wow,what an awesome project,so beautifully thought out!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous little Christmas house!! This is pure magic Meredith!! Everything, from the embossed snowflakes on the base to the lace icicles on the roof, is simply stunning .. and then you turn on the little candle inside and .. wow! wow! wow! it is simply awesome!!! Love, love, love this!!! xx

  3. Oh Meridith this is so so divine. Lovely work :)

  4. Wow so stunning, love it so much. The lace looks so much like icicles, awesome idea and I love the tree too. It is so beautiful when you light it up. Actually the easiest thing to say is I love it all, it is just beautiful. xxx

    1. Thank you so much for saying such a nice comment.