18 October, 2015

Victorian Sampler 
By Sue Smyth 

With so many images to choose from in the mini album kit 
 and I wanted to use them all one the one project.
So I decided to alter a frame and do 
a sampler, layering and adding dimension 
to each panel.

Alter the butterfly trinket, swipe white gesso over top.
Add dimensional magic to the centre and sprinkle 
with micro beads.
And yes I fixed that pearl strip above that has moved
I like to add a little extra glue to these strips so 
they stay put more.

To colour a small paper rose, take a small stiff 
bristle brush and dab into a pink/red stamp pad.
The gently stipple the brush to the centre of the 
Old dry stamp pads work the best to give just a hint of colour.

You may have seen this before, I love to add a dimensional
frame with small pearl strips.
Just snip them into sections of 2 or one pearl and 
adhere along the edge with a clear setting glue.
Use a pointed tool to nudge the pearls into place.

Ink each panel and adhere to light weight cardstock
to add strength.

Play with the arrangement of your panels until you are happy
then adhere them down. I have
then altered an old plastic frame for them all to sit in, 
this will make a lovely gift for someone this year.

Materials used 

Happy Crafting 

Sue Smyth 

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