26 October, 2015

Christmas Cones Ideas from Adriana

Christmas Cones Ideas from Adriana

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These ideas are perfect for the beginner, the intermediate & the experienced papercrafter. 
 I gave Adriana a box of goodies along with papers, (of course all from Meg's Garden), & asked her to 'do her thing'.

The following are what she came up with - very yummyyyy!!! Adriana

Christmas Cones Decoration Kits and Ideas.

Christmas Cones are so easy to make
and can be filled with Christmas candycanes or flowers. 
The are also a fabulous idea for decorating your home
or Christmas tree. 
They also make such wonderful
Christmas wrapping for small Christmas treats to give as gifts.

Here are some examples of what you can create:

Using the French Christmas cones paper and some
All available from Meg's Garden online shop.
The Christmas Cones Papers are now available 
from the Meg's Garden shop.

Here is one decorated with Music sheets and a paper circle doily with
some flowers and holly leaves. Gold Tassels with gemstones, pearl loops and
seam binding ribbons to hang your cone on a Christmas tree.

Here is a cone from a single sheet of Paper square doily,
formed into a cone and decorated with the Santa microscopes slides
image, with the touch of holly leaf and flowers.

So just a few ideas on making "Christmas Cones"
Visit the website for all products used    Meg's Garden Website

Fabulous designs Adriana - well done. Lots of ideas on these projects

Bye for now