15 August, 2015

Geishas girl microscope booklets by Meredith Hilly

Hello Meredith here and welcome to my latest project. 
I totally enjoyed using the microscope glass booklets from Meg's garden to create some fun scrapbooking. The three sized frames gave me a lot of options to use different colours and embellishments with the same theme.

The largest frame I painted gold and used a symmetrical pattern to balance out the card. By using different coloured ribbons it gave it a frame to draw the eye to the Chinese symbol in the centre.

The two fans either side of the Chinese symbol made it look very oriental and the gold matched the painted cover.

I just love this little lion head handle to open the booklets. It was perfectly suited to the theme.

The inside of the booklets continued the gold theme and I used black oriental stamps to highlight the edges. Three Geisha ladies and some script were chosen with the glass panels going on top. I tried to capture in this photo how the glass gives depth to the booklets but not very successfully.

The following two booklets are smaller again. I painted the middle size booklets in a royal red and inked all the edges in gold. A small gold handle was used for the opening of the card.

The smallest booklet I painted a royal blue. I choose all the colour themes for the booklets from what was in the geishas robes. Gold was also a main highlight in the smallest card.

Inside the middle booklet was a lovely geisha girl the matched the golden outline on the opposite side. With the glass panel attached it was very regal looking.

The last booklet was very small no bigger than a match box. I used some lovely gold gilded maple leaf paper to reflect the Geisha robes.


I had a ball making these three booklets. I cannot recommend strongly enough how much you would enjoy choosing a theme and matching papers with embellishments from Megs Garden.  You will be waiting anxiously by the mail box from them to arrive.

From Megs garden.

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