01 April, 2015

Natures Field Guide by Sue Smyth

Natures Field Guide 
By Sue Smyth 

Nothing inspires me more than nature, so the awesome 
Butterflies and Natures Wonders Stamp collection
available on Megs Garden website was an instant
spark for me.
I have combined the stamps with the Butterflies
and Natures Wonders paper kit to make this
Field guide to Natures Wonders.
And this time I really wanted to do a hand stitched binding
so be sure to look below for a mini tutorial on 
how to bind a book.

The gorgeous butterflies have been glued to white cardstock
then fussy cut, spray with spray glitter and adhere 
by the centres only so the wings
can be curved upwards in flight.

I have stamped the title onto white cardstock and overlayed 
it onto a fancy metallic frame.
Add lots of paper flowers from Meg's Garden to 
create a focal point at the top of the cover.

Handy Hint
Dry brush the centres of paper flowers 
with a darker pink ink for a
more realistic look.
You just need a small stiff brush

I have used old twigs covered in lichen
from the garden to 
create a frame. 
My new favorite tool is a mini 
I have cut a panel from the paper kit 
to insert inside with 3 D foam tape.
And adhered the lot onto a panel
of cardstock with a hand stitched edges.
Add trinket bee's and metal corners, some fibres
and there you have a cover.

It can be used as an journal or mini album
I have left the inside pages rather
plain so that photo's or ephemera 
can be placed over top.
Here are some of my pages, I have simply
used the papers as a collage and 
incorporated stamps when ever I wanted. 

Back Cover 

First cut chipboard to 11 x 14 cms to form covers and cover with 
Butterfly garden papers.

Cut as many pages as you like, mine measure 14 x 22 cm
 and I have 8 panels. 
Perforate the centre with a metal piercing tool.
Stamp and ink randomly around the sides with sepia
ink and a script stamp. 

Now sew centres with brown floss and a sturdy needle.
This takes some time but is worth it!

Stitch all sides with a back stitch so it show on the spine
and the middle of the folded page.

Hold together with a bull dog clip so they
are placed neatly and will not move.

Now over sew at 7 points on the spine with floss, making
sure to catch every folded edge.

When you are happy with the stitching,over stitch with green for
a contrast and adhere covers to first and last page.
Add stained seam binding under covers or as 
I have over them and cover with decoration.


Happy Crafting all



  1. Wow so much for Sue but so worth it!.
    What a wonderful book,i love the twigs and hand sewing also!

  2. A fabulous little book Sue!! So much detail and absolutely gorgeous!! Love the step by step too!! xx

  3. Interesting little book. I'm not one to sew signatures or bindings, but I can well appreciate all your work. Thanks for posting this project.

  4. How very, very pretty! Your cover is really lovely with all the details and your pages are just wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very beautiful book Sue. There is so much detail and I loved seeing how you put it together. xxx

  6. I totally love this project. Its is so well made.Well Done.