16 December, 2014

Christmas Card by Sue Smyth

Merry Christmas Card
by Sue Smyth 

Hi Bloggers 
Today I am sharing a Christmas card, with a mini tutorial to make the 
awesome sugared roses I have used.
I have also used a trinket/finding to create a 
metal tree topper, just pop a shiny
rhinestone in the centre for added bling..

I love to cut a window in a card the easiest way to do 
this is with Nesting dies.
First adhere the paper to the card front and cut 
an oval shape from the front.
Then create a frame.
In this case I have a scalloped version and plain 
version, oval die. Just cut the scalloped one first and 
then the plain one.
I just line mine up by eye and then cut to make 
a delicate frame that can be adhered over the 
card window.

Once you have cut the frame, cover 
with white enamel accents. 

sprinkle with white glitter for a 
white snowy glittery look.

To Decorate the card 
I love to make these sugared roses and use them
on cards and layouts all the time. 

Step one.
Take a small rose or flower and open
out the petals a little 

Step 2 
Spray with Spray adhesive all over.

Step 3
Dip into a tub of white glitter 

Step 4
Take out of glitter and shake off excess.
use on a card or layout as desired

Megs Garden Products 

Happy Crafting all 

Sue Smyth 


  1. A stunning card Sue. Love the design and the tree and the flowers are gorgeous!! So Beautiful!! ox

  2. Such an amazing card. Fabulous work. xx

  3. Thanks for posting this lovely project. The technique tutorials are very much appreciated! There's always time to learn something new...thanks!

  4. HI Sue another amazing tutorial from you ,the card is so very beautiful ,I hope who ever gets it will love it forever a gift in its self