10 August, 2014

The Traveling Man's brother by Kerry-Jean Watson

Greetings to all the bloggers out there.

This dashing young man is my maternal grandfather, Adriaan 

Back 2006 mother and I arranged for a large suitcase of family photos to be sent to us in Perth, Australia.
I was amazed at many of the picture mostly because they showed my mother parents younger than what I knew them as. It was like being introduced to total strangers. My grandparents were well in to their late 70's early 80's by the time I was born, so I never saw them as children or young adults. My grandfather would be in his mid thirties in the portrait.

So for this layout I wanted to combine the new Correspondence Collection with some of the previous Meg's Garden collections and some French Writing Ephemera. The Hot Air Balloons were a nice add to the photo and the feel of the layout. 


  1. Another gorgeous masculine page Kerry-Jean ... a wonderful match for your previous layout!! Love this!! ox

  2. Another fabulous masculine page Kerry-Jean. You are sooo lucky to have all the vintage family photos :D

  3. Wish I had some super photos like these this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!