05 August, 2014

It's Clear from Denise

hello me again
this time I wanted to do something  a little different, the best ideas come as you are creating something else, so quickly did I move on. It's been a while since I have created with acetate I love working with it as it gives me the opportunity to create dimension.

 the reverse side

I have painted the chipboard black on one side and cream on the other side
On the acetate I have used colour texture paste and stamped images over the top
yes they are the same photo I am waiting on my nephew to hand over some more photos to put into his album
I have used on my pages

Denise Boddey


  1. Stunning Denise!!! Have never seen a scrapbook page done on acetate and I love it!! Love the dimension it creates and love how the stenciling and stamping seem to float in mid air!! Beautiful!! x

  2. Absolutely stunning Denise. Like Margaret, I have not seen this done before. Your work is exquisite :D

  3. Fabulous work Denise! Such a wonderful technique to use.

  4. I am so enjoying seeing green as your main color choice! This monochromatic page is just so pleasing on the eyes. Thank you for posting this project!